Complete Genomics


Complete Genomics claims to have developed a third-generation sequencing platform.

It is capable of generating genomic data at an unprecedented level of throughput and at low cost ($5000 per genome in 2009)

The company is deploying this platform through its commercial-scale, fully automated genome center and offering a comprehensive human genome sequencing service.

This service will enable its customers to characterize the full spectrum of genetic variants in large numbers of human subjects. This ability to conduct large-scale human genome studies will enable medical researchers to elucidate further the genetic underpinnings of complex diseases and drug responses.

At the heart of Complete Genomics’ sequencing platform are technological advances in libraries, arrays, sequencing assay, instruments and software, integrated into a comprehensive sequencing system specifically designed for large-scale studies of complete human genomes.



Corporate Headquarters

Complete Genomics, Inc.
2071 Stierlin Court
Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone: +1.650.943.2800

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