Antitope is a privately held biotechnology company focused on services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. 

The Company was formed in Cambridge, England in 2004 in order to advance previous work of its founders in the areas of immunogenicity testing, antibody humanization and protein engineering, for the purpose of reducing immunogenicity, particularly with therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. The company also has dedicated facilities for the generation of manufacturing cell lines. Antitope has achieved rapid validation of its new technologies and has already formed important partnerships with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

Our services are tailored for each study to ensure project objectives are met or exceeded.  The Company's research is performed under Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) conditions and we provide ongoing discussion and detailed reports to our clients.  Experienced project teams are assigned to each study focusing on progressing projects through to results in the minimum amount of time.  Our clients uniformly judge us as professional and attentive partners who deliver quality results in a timely manner.

Our main proprietary technologies are:

  • EpiScreen™, an ex-vivo immunological technology with multiple applications including measurment of the immunogenicity potential of biologics or in the determination of the immunotoxicity of NCEs
  • Composite Human Antibodies™, a novel technology for the generation of non-immunogenic, humanized antibodies with the avoidance of T cell epitopes
  • Composite Proteins™, a technology platform for the generation of non-immunogenic therapeutic proteins.

Antitope Ltd
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United Kingdom

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